What will I gain from...?

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The past couple months, I've been running

By the end of last week, I was clear - This. Won't. Work. Anymore.

And then, it so happened that when I opened my "Cancer Season of Nurture" Astrology Journal for my self care journaling, the guidance provided in it by Astrologer and Life Coach Tracey L Rogers read, "While we soak up the waning rays of the almighty Sun, this is a time and invitation to restore our energy reserves." And, "For you, dear Aquarius, your lifestyle and and day-to-day could use a revamp."


So I've been self care journaling more in my custom wellness journal and my astrology journal this week to assert to myself how I want to stick to my wellness routines and to celebrate myself when I do.

When I enforce a boundary and take time for my wellness, there's that lowkey panic that I'm going to lose out on something. I'll ALSO be taking a vacation with family over the next couple weeks and actually disconnecting from WiFi. I think the last time I actually disconnected while on vacation was in 2010. Yeep! 

But instead of grasping to the panic over what I might lose out on, I've been shifting to asking myself, "Well, but what will I gain?"

Then, my mind drifts to the possibilities of how good I will feel by fully embracing my wellness and time off. Journaling what I will gain from honoring my self-care and wellness helps me follow through.

What about you? We're in this summer time now. What will you gain by embracing rest, restoration, and relaxation? Remember that you are worthy of rest and relaxation. 

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