Team Building


Promote authentic team bonding and camaraderie through our fun team building activities! Our team building activities integrate wellness and creativity to make for a fun, fulfilling experience while your team members get to know each other on a more human level. 

How to book a team building

In the "Book Session" form: 

1. Select your activity. No experience required for any activity!

2. Select group size

3. Select date, time, and duration

4. Select location (virtual options available)

We will respond to you via email to provide pricing based on your request and finalize details with you!


Journal Decorating Team Building


This fun, tactile team building supports team bonding and creativity! Participants receive Zenit Self-Care Journals and materials to decorate their journals. Participants design and create collages on their journals by cutting and pasting pieces of fabrics to their journal covers.

Participants bond and get to know each other by seeing each others' creations. Participants leave with a personalized self-care journal for supporting their wellness. This team building activity can be one hour, 90 minutes, or 2 hours. We bring or ship all materials to your site for this activity, including the wellness journals for participants to decorate and keep.

Zen Doodle Class

Art work by instructor Nikki Carson

Zen Doodle is the meditative art of drawing structured patterns that calms mind, body, and spirit. In our Zen Doodle team building class, we guide participants through 2-3 different designs. No drawing or art experience is needed!

Our instructors go step by step to make every design accessible. With each design there is also a lot of room for creativity and exploration. Participants bond and learn about each other through each others' creations and designs. We create a calming environment in the class.

"Authentic Self" Guided Journaling

Never underestimate the power of the written word for team building! Participants are guided through thought-provoking journaling prompts that encourage them to explore all that they are as whole human beings, such as their identities, passions, and values.

Through guided journaling and sharing of reflections, participants get to know each other on a deeper level. This team building session creates space for team members to show up as their whole, authentic selves, affirm each other, and celebrate each other.

Bookbinding Class

For those who love crafting, our bookbinding class gives team members a chance to work with their hands and transform loose paper into a beautiful journal or sketchbook with the meditative art of bookbinding. No experience is needed! Participants are guided step by step along the way. 

Can't Decide? Make it a Combo!

Our team building activities can be combined. For example:

  • Journal or sketchbook decorating followed by Zen doodle class, using your journals/sketchbooks for your Zen doodles
  • Journal decorating followed by guided journaling, using your journals for the journaling
  • Zen doodle followed by guided journaling