A Proactive Mental Health Approach for Your Team

Your teams thrive in a fast-paced environment, but employees are reaching a state of burnout at accelerated rates because of a lack of proactive mental health programs

Zenit’s approach to mental health and well-being starts with building lifelong practices through journaling that helps organizations weave mindful techniques into their day-to-day business.

Wellness workshops are ideal for companies who are searching for ways to create a workplace culture that’s compassionate, accessible, and welcoming.


Alina providing wellness journaling workshop at retreat. Asian woman standing and talking before tables of women with wellness journals


Workshops to Match Your Organization's Needs

60-Minute Journaling Workshop, Journal for Wellness

Our standard workshop addresses common challenges including stress, burnout, and blurred boundaries with tips on how to build reflection into your day. This is a great introduction to using journaling as a proactive tool to support wellness.



Building A Culture of Wellness Series

A 6-part series designed to guide your team as they explore real changes to workplace practices that support a culture of compassion and wellness among colleagues.



45-Minute Wellness Debrief & Toolkit

Available as an add-on, the facilitated debrief is customized for managers to process what came up in the journaling workshop and to create an action plan for supporting workplace wellness moving forward.


Decorate Your Journal Team-Building

A 45-minute add-on and bonding activity to give teams a creative outlet. Participants are guided through the process of making covers for their personalized journals with vibrant fabrics.



Your Custom Experience

Journaling workshops and experiences can be customized based on an organization’s needs, including how to build more mindful moments throughout the week.



“Alina led us through such a thoughtful process where we got to share on our own terms. And through the prompts, I came upon many new discoveries about myself such as how I was physically feeling and how I needed to slow down that day, as well as insights into past experiences. It was enlightening and restorative!” - Courtney

How it Works

1. Connect with Zenit

Schedule a free 30-minute discovery call to help us learn more about your organization’s needs and goals.

2. Select a Theme

Zenit provides regular workshops with focuses in wellness, mental health, balance, gratitude, joy, and inspiration. Based on your team’s experiences, Zenit can further customize a theme to address concerns.

3. Planned Agenda

Prior to a workshop, every organization receives an agenda and outline with proposed prompts. Leaders can provide feedback to tailor the experience, as needed.

4. Guided Journaling

Standard workshops are one hour and can be held in-person or virtually, based on your organization’s location. Journaling sessions include breathing exercises, ways to journal, 2-3 rounds of journaling prompts, facilitated share outs, and suggestions to further build the practice.

5. Key Takeaways & Tips

After a workshop, organizations will receive a debrief toolkit to understand the impact for attendees as well as tips on incorporating mindful practices into the daily workflow.

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Culturally Responsive & Trauma-Informed

Alina leading wellness journaling workshop. Asian woman in light green top talking to audience.

Alina Liao, founder and workshop facilitator, brings her background in trauma-informed, culturally responsive mental health coaching and over a decade of experience building programs that have advanced the wellness of employees, individuals, and communities.

Each workshop is designed to provide an inclusive, affirming space for people of diverse backgrounds to process their thoughts and feelings, give voice to their needs, talk about healing and wellness, and experience the power of guided journaling in community.  

Your employees will be empowered to pause and slow down, while they take real steps towards a thoughtful and deliberate approach to their mental wellbeing in the workplace.



 Bulk Buy of Wellness Journals

Bulk journals of wellness journals for self care journaling by Zenit. Includes journals with pink and blue, purple and gold, blue and gold, brown, and green covers

Our hand-crafted Wellness Journals with guided journaling prompts are a unique offering and make for great workplace gifts. They go far beyond a generic notebook with a logo. Our wellness journals include prompts and designs that intentionally center your employees' self-care and wellness, directly supporting their ongoing self-care and wellbeing practice.

Purchase pre-designed or bespoke wellness journals

You have the option of a bulk buy of any of our standard wellness journals

You can also request that we design a journal customized for your team. We work with you to understand what you're looking for, develop prompts for your workplace initiative, and design mockups for your review and approval. We have customized journals for workplace wellbeing initiatives, team retreats, workplace gifts, and employee wellness packages. 

Let team members customize their own wellness journals

Zenit's most unique, special offering is our Custom Wellness Journals, where each individual can choose the prompts and affirmations that go in their journals. This makes it easier to journal and support your daily wellness, since your prompts are specific to you.

For this option, you use a unique code for your employees to redeem, which allows every employee to choose or customize their personal Zenit Journal. You only pay for codes redeemed by employees.