Affirming Mental Health Support for Students

1 in 5 students will experience a severe mental health crisis this year, but many universities struggle with the increased demand for mental health services on campus. 

Often students don’t reach out until they feel helpless. What if universities can provide proactive mental health tactics to students so they feel empowered as they navigate heavy expectations and emotions?

Zenit holds space for students and provides workshops that build ongoing, lifelong habits that support mental wellness through journaling, at a critical age.



Alina providing wellness journaling workshop at retreat. Asian woman standing and talking before tables of women with wellness journals


Workshops to Support Students & Administrators

Weekly Guided Group Journaling Sessions

Our recurring sessions provide a safe space for students to process common challenges including helplessness, loneliness, and self expression. Sessions are weekly to build a lifelong habit and to help students explore their identity in a communal environment


Building A Culture of Wellness Series

A 6-part series designed to guide administrators as they explore real changes to university practices that support a culture of compassion and wellness, that in turn supports student development.


Decorate Your Journal Student Session

A 45-minute activity for universities to give students a creative outlet as they begin to journal. Participants are guided through the process of making covers for their personalized journals with vibrant fabrics.


Your Custom Experience

Journaling workshops and experiences can be customized based on a university’s needs, including how to build more mindful moments throughout the week.



"Thanks to [Zenit], I was able to get the pen to paper and explore myself through some thought provoking journal prompts. I didn't realize how much I'd enjoyed journaling. This has been a trying year and a lot has happened in my life, besides the actual pandemic. This [workshop] has reminded me how beneficial it can be to just take a few minutes to put your thoughts down on paper. Zenit provided us with prompts that made me really want to dig deep." - Journaling workshop participant

How it Works

1. Connect with Zenit

Schedule a discovery call to help us learn more about your university’s student needs and mental health program goals.

2. Select Number of Workshops

Focused on mental health specifically, universities can select a number of workshops with progressive journaling prompts that build on each other, or recurring sessions that feature similar prompts that encourage  students to dig deeper each week.

3. Series Outline

Prior to beginning a series, a university will receive an outline with proposed prompts. Administrators can provide feedback to tailor the experience, as needed.

4. Guided Journaling

Standard workshops and sessions are one hour and can be held in-person or virtually, based on your university’s location. Journaling sessions include breathing exercises, ways to journal, 2-3 rounds of journaling prompts, facilitated share outs, and suggestions to further build the practice.

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Culturally Responsive & Trauma-Informed

Alina leading wellness journaling workshop. Asian woman in light green top talking to audience.

Alina Liao, founder and workshop facilitator, brings her background in trauma-informed, culturally responsive mental health coaching with youth and young adults and over a decade of experience building programs that have advanced the wellness of students, individuals, and communities.

Each workshop is designed to provide an inclusive, affirming space for people of diverse backgrounds to process their thoughts and feelings, give voice to their needs, talk about healing and wellness, and experience the power of guided journaling in community.  

Students are empowered to pause and slow down, while they take real steps towards a thoughtful and deliberate approach to their mental wellbeing.