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Feel it. Write it. Zenit.

"I’ve tried to journal so many times but each time I tend to fall out of the habit.
Ever since I received my Zenit Journal I’ve been writing in it each day.
It’s been AMAZING to capture and process my emotions and thoughts.
Thank you for allowing me to harness the best in myself."

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For people struggling with self-care, Zenit Journals are
your personalized tool to move forward in your
wellness journey with love and ease.


Our mission is to make wellness accessible to everyone

Journaling moves us in our healing and wellness journey, but it's hard with a blank page. With Zenit, YOU choose the prompts for your journal, so it's personalized to your needs and goals.

With an inspiring cover and thoughtful prompts
for gentle guidance, your Zenit is your personal tool to take ownership of your mental health journey with love and ease.

Because your wellness is a human right.

Let your pen flow, let your heart flow

We empower you to take care of your wellness daily through the power of :

how our custom wellness journals work


You choose the cover art, page layout, and journaling prompts that speak to you.
Our prompts are based in mental health
and coaching practices.

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All Zenit Journals are
handmade with love in our
hometown of Washington, DC,
with high-quality materials.


Unlock the wellness benefits
of journaling with your Zenit.
It's uniquely YOU in the pages.
Feel it. Write it. Zenit.

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Best Local Lockdown Product 2021


“I'm finally journaling daily with my Zenit!
My prompts help me organize the chatter in my mind.
My head feels more clear with my Zenit!
And I love carrying it with me. It looks dope.”

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“I ordered my Zenit journal after talking with my therapist.
We ended up designing the journal together to best align with my counseling goals -
but the prompts are so well thought out you could easily decide what is best for you.
I have never encountered a journal that was so customizable. Every detail is made
to my specifications and needs and it is exactly what I need.
The design is BEAUTIFUL."

design your mental health journal


"Bought this for a friend and she loved it. From the very first page,
it was personalized with her favorite quote and followed with prompts
that were so perfect to guide her in her daily self reflection and awareness,
and mental health journey. Working with Alina was also great.
She was so easy to communicate with, and most of all, I could tell
she cared about providing me with a custom journal that would
help my friend focus on her best self and wellness."


Journal in community

Purchase of a Zenit comes with
FREE, lifetime access to our Community Mini-Retreats.

In our Mini-Retreats, we gather on Zoom
and go through guided journaling for our well-being.
They are a safe, affirming space to come as you are,
experience the healing power of journaling,
and support each other.

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