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Coaching and journaling go hand-in-hand. Coaching is a powerful resource to support our wellness, from developing authentic leadership, to building our connection with our intuition, to making positive change in our workplaces and communities. This page features coaches who we work with to create customized journals for their coaching programs. Learn more about these inspiring coaches and their services below.


Brigitte Rawlings, Integrative Bodywork

she/her/hers, Washington, DC

 Zenit Customize Journal



 Body Mind Coaching

Brigitte’s coaching practice focuses on helping people connect more with their bodies and listen to their inner wisdom to make heart-aligned decisions. Her target clients are women stuck in their comfort zone and not making decisions because of fear or they aren’t sure how to move forward.

What inspired you to start your coaching practice?

As a massage therapist for over 20 years, I wanted to help clients on a deeper level. I know connecting and honoring your body is a way to do that. I was one of those people that didn’t do things because I was comfortable and didn’t want to try things because of fear. I thought this was an opportunity for me to share my experiences to help others trust themselves and become more empowered in their everyday lives.

How do you see your work contributing to the wellness of individuals or our society?

The process that I take clients through allows them to pause and get in touch with their emotions and how their body feels. It allows them to listen to what their body is saying is true and honoring that. When we are more aligned with who we are, we make better choices, are more confident and are able to see that life is full of unlimited possibilities.





Odulana Orisanmi. LIVFE

he/him/his, Washington, DC, Father, Jamaican-American

 Livfe Coaching



 Livfe Coaching

Odulana focuses on energy management through the balance of masculine and feminine energy. He works with Men seeking a more balanced state of existence, and willing to take 100% accountability for their reality in order to do it.

What inspired you to start your coaching practice?

After getting engaged, married, having a child, and divorced within 18 months I was in a very dark and lost place. My “Alpha Male” nurturing was invalid, but taught me valuable lessons. I’ve spent the years since surrendering to those lessons, reconstructing belief, and building energetically balanced principles of living along the way.  

How do you see your work contributing to the wellness of individuals or our society?

My work allows people to create principled belief to uncover and or enhance their purpose in life by taking 100% accountability for their existence. 

Contact: Info@zencave.co


Reem Labib Tyson, EDspired Coaching + Consulting

she/her/hers, Washington, DC, Entrepreneur, Coach, Educator, Connector, Community Curator

 EDspired Coaching Reem Labib Tyson



EDspired Coaching and Consulting

Reem serves as a coach for entrepreneurs, mission driven leaders, and individuals who are ready to pivot, transform or looking to get “unstuck.” Reem prides herself on being authentic, compassionate, and light-hearted while consistently delivering results. She believes in disrupting the system and challenging boundaries to achieve desired outcomes and often says that her business should be based on her initials RLT (ReaL Talk) Coaching because her approach is pragmatic and results-oriented.

Reem’s areas of focus are: Authentic leadership, Productivity, Empowerment, Advocacy, Equity, Entrepreneurship

What inspired you to start your coaching practice?

Coaching helps you to explore your blindspots and speak your truth in a safe, confidential space. I wanted to help others by holding that space.

How do you see your work contributing to the wellness of individuals or our society?

"I believe that change comes from within, by choice and with a little push from a coach." - Reem Labib Tyson. We all need a space to process out loud, without fear or judgement - coaching is that space.

Contact: edspired.org/schedule-a-call


Valerie D'Costa, Circle Coaching and Consulting

she/her/hers, Washington, DC

 Circle Coaching Valerie D'Costa


 Circle Coaching

Circle Coaching trains and coaches BIPOC staff and leaders in organizations to thrive, gain awareness, and lead with strength, resilience, authenticity, and integrity. We do equity coaching for leaders, and DEI training for organizations too.

What inspired you to start your coaching practice?

A desire to pay it forward for people of color and to make their journey a smoother one. A desire to work for greater equity and inclusion in this world.

How do you see your work contributing to the wellness of individuals or our society?

Awareness is at the root of wellness, and having a coach is having someone to journey with, who has your back, who supports you, and who helps you deepen awareness. We all need and deserve that!

Contact: valeriedcosta@circle-coaching.com


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