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Empowered Working Mom Revolution

In this podcast episode of Empowered Working Mom Revolution by Jocelyn Auyeung with Alina Liao, Founder of Zenit Journals, we explore the transformative power of journaling as a crucial first step in your healing journey. We learn that healing is a personal process, and it's essential to go at your own pace.

The Optimistic Advocate

Also featured in Children's Mental Health Network

In this 2022 episode of The Optimistic Advocate podcast by Scott Bryant-Comstock, Alina talks about her mission to make wellness accessible to everyone through journaling. Alina shares her mental health journey as an advocate and someone who went through loss, depression, and trauma. Journaling has played a significant role in her recovery. It brought the spark of inspiration to embark on a special mission to create Zenit Journals. Enjoy!

Women-Owned Wednesday

In this 2021 episode of Women-Owned Wednesday by Elly Jane, Alina Liao and Tia Marie-Brumsted, founder of Centered Self, talk about ways to support our mental health during the pandemic and the creation of the Centered Self Planner. Enjoy!


What to Do If You Don’t Believe You’re Worthy of Self-Care

by An Phan

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Most people would agree that self-care is vital: You can’t help others if you’re not taking care of yourself. But we often do a better job of preaching the virtues of self-care than actually fulfilling those goals in our own lives. In some cases, it’s simply that we fail to make time for it. But for others, the reasons are deeper-seeded: We don’t believe we’re worthy of that time and attention, often because of the ways life experiences and intergenerational trauma have impacted our self-image. Alina Liao—the founder of Zenit Journals, which aims to make wellness accessible to everyone—is someone who has struggled with this over the years. Below, she talks about her strategies for working through this obstacle.

“Alina, are you the flower or the gardener?”

A friend asked me this when I was in a toxic relationship. I responded, “I’m ALWAYS the gardener.” She asked, “Wouldn’t you like to be the flower?”

My brain did something of a short circuit. Not only did the idea of being the flower feel foreign, it felt wrong... Read on


False Expectations: Why Gimmicky Checklists and Challenges Don't Work with Wellness

by An Phan

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As a society, we love shortcuts—we’re always looking for faster ways to do things. And often, there’s a way to cut corners that allows us to be more efficient without sacrificing quality or depth. But there are some pursuits where shortcuts are antithetical to the goal of the pursuit itself.

Wellness is one of them. Alina Liao started a journaling company called Zenit Journals  to help with her own healing journey with trauma, depression, and anxiety...For her, every day is an emotional roller-coaster ride, with good moments and bad. Alina says the kind of hacks and challenges and checklists that we love so much in the rest of our lives don’t work when it comes to mental health.

For her, there is no “30-day path to wellness” where if you just do three things every day, you’ll be “well” at the end of the month. Below, she talks about how we need a different approach to managing wellness... Read on