Journaling Retreats

We shouldn't have to drop a lot of money or travel far to retreat and restore our energy. You deserve to make space for your self-care, wellness, and healing in your daily life. 

Our regular retreats come in three different formats to help you ease into your journaling and more easily access the power of guided journaling for your mental health and wellness.

woman self care journaling for community mini-retreats     video retreats for self care journaling with laptop, coffee, and custom wellness journal     zen texts with headphones and custom wellness journal

* Featured Wellness Retreat *

Flow: A Healing Movement Retreat

Join us April 22, 2023 for Flow: A Healing Movement Retreat.
Join hosts Tia Marie Brumsted of centered self and Alina Liao of Zenit Journals for an intimate full-day wellness retreat at the beautiful and serene Kharis Lavender Fields and Barn. 
This retreat will provide space for women to slow down and reconnect with self through mind-body experiences. Participants will leave feeling restored and with strategies and resources to support their mental and physical wellness in their daily lives.
Registration opens in 2023. Sign up here to receive updates on registration.

Community Mini-Retreats

Want a dedicated, scheduled space to practice self-care in community with others? Join our Community Mini-Retreats. We hold Community Mini-Retreats 2x per month. Mini-Retreats include guided journaling, meditation, and sharing of reflections in small groups. They are only one hour on Zoom, but in the one hour, real transformation is possible through the power of guided journaling in community. 

Video Retreats

Want to dive into your journaling in private, anytime, at your own pace? Check out our Video Retreats. These are videos that walk you through wellness lessons and guided journaling. Our library of Video Retreats cover topics like Journal for Ease, Journal for Energy, Journal for Joy, and more.

Zen Texts

Want a quick and easy way to keep a journaling routine week to week? Try our Zen Texts. On the days of the week of your choosing, you get a journal prompt and affirmation audio recording straight to your phone via text message. Simply open the text, listen for a minute, and then let your journaling flow.