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wellness journal page with healing and wellness journaling prompts for self care journaling

How to use the jumpstart prompts?

Once you get your "journal jumpstart" page PDF, print it out and fold it down the center. Or, write the prompts down on a piece of paper or blank notebook.

Start with the prompt that calls to you. Write out whatever comes to mind in response to the prompt. You don't have to fill the entire journal page in one sitting.

Be gentle with yourself. These prompts aren't homework questions. Don't worry about how you're writing sounds. If you end up writing in different directions, that's 100% OK. Let your mind and heart go where they want to go. 

Finally, you are journaling for a purpose - for your well-being. It's not about doing it to check a box. So, slow down. Be honest in your self care journaling. Observe what you feel as you write what's in your mind and heart.

Let your pen flow, let your heart flow...

What's Zenit About?


Zenit is a radical wellness company with the mission to make wellness accessible to everyone

We empower you to gain the mental health and wellness benefits of journaling by making Custom Wellness Journals and providing Journaling Mini-Retreats.

We view wellness as a human right - not a luxury. That is what we mean by "radical wellness." We live in a world that devalues everyday wellness. Only the privileged get to take time off and restore themselves. But for so many of us, we live in a constant state of burnout, we're told we're never enough, and our worth is based on our sacrifice.

We say NO to the pressures to grind ourselves to death.

If you feel tired, burnt out, depressed, not enough, traumatized, frustrated, outraged, stressed, exasperated, exhausted, we want you to know,

You are WORTHY of your wellness.

You are WORTHY of love.

Not because you have worked hard and earned it,

But because you are a human being.

You are entitled to it.

Your body is sacred.

Your joy is sacred.

Your healing matters.

Your wellness matters.


Our Custom Wellness Journals and Journaling Mini-Retreats are designed with healing and wellness prompts that account for trauma, mental illness, and internalized oppression.

We know how hard it is to claim our self-care. So we're not here to tell you "do these five things and you'll be all better." No, we know that healing is messy, and wellness is a journey.

We are here for you in your journey 

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wellness journal wit green floral pattern for self care journaling and open custom wellness journal by zenit with guided journaling prompts. with candle open wellness journal with guided prompts by zenit for self care journaling and journaling retreats, with tea and pencil custom wellness journal with purple and yellow cover, with headphones and pen, for self care journaling