What am I Nurturing?

Posted by Alina Liao on

As I'm getting back to my wellness routines, I continue to use my Astrology Journal for Cancer Season of Nurture. And the fact that it's a "season of nurture" has me meditating on and journaling in my custom wellness journal about that word, or really, that act, or mindset, or practice, of nurture.

Nurturing my energy and body comes to mind first. I continue to journal in my wellness journal about ways I can be disciplined about hard starts and stop to work so I can rest. 

And then, when I imagine myself in a state of being rested, the next thing that comes to mind is nurturing my inner artist. 

Another theme that has come up in my wellness journal is my need and desire to be more intentional in nurturing the relationships that matter to me.

I feel different, though, when I think about "nurturing" vs. "working on" my wellness or artistry or relationships. 

"Nurture" slows me down. It invites me to give these areas of my life the full attention, love, and care they need, and deserve.

What about you? What is one thing in your life you feel called to nurture? What does that look like to you? Use self care journaling to explore what you feel called to nurture in your life.

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