Finding Peace in a Hectic Week

Posted by Alina Liao on

Monday, I had planned out my week perfectly. Of course, what's that saying? Something like, "We make plans, and the universe laughs"? By Wednesday, new developments popped up that scrambled my perfectly planned week and scrambled my state of mind. SIGH. 

In our mini-retreat Thursday evening, "Journal for Peace," we first did self care journaling to process anything weighing on us, so I vented about my week. Then, in our 2nd round of self care journaling, we journaled to prompts for escaping.

To the journal prompt, "A peaceful place..." I wrote about standing on a beach, where the water meets the sand...

"I lift my gaze to the horizon... I widen my gaze to take in the whole expanse of the ocean. The ocean reminding me how small I am..."

My mind then drifted to a place of laying on my back, gazing up at the black night sky, staring at the stars... "As I gaze at the sky, I disappear in the expanse of the universe..."

I wrote in my custom wellness journal how this feeling I get in these places - of feeling so small - has always brought me relief. I don't mean "small" or "disappearing" in a self-destructive way. What I mean is, there's something comforting about remembering how big the world and the universe are.

It helps me not take myself so seriously.
It helps me remember, I don't carry the weight of the world on my shoulders. I carry the weight that I choose - and I'm good with what I choose.
It helps me remember, I'm just a grain of sand in this big, big universe, so there's no need to fret. I can be me.

What's a peaceful place for you? This could be a real place or completely imaginary. You can play some calming tunes, light a candle, open up your wellness journal, take some deep breaths, and find some peace in your self care journaling :)

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