Ways to Let Go for Your Peace

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"I let go of what no longer serves me and my peace:"
- Tia Marie-Brumsted, Centered Self Planner

This is one of the weekly self-care prompts in our Centered Self Planners. Letting go can be hard. It's a journey to realize you're holding onto something you need to let go of, a journey to go from knowing to being ready to let go, then a journey to finally letting go.

Because letting go for your peace - your peace you so deserve - is a journey, journaling in a wellness journal about it can help you move in that journey. 

So where to start? You can journal what is no longer serving your peace - anything that continues to stress you out, bring you down, or drain your energy. Is it a piece of negative self-talk you keep telling yourself? Is it a habit? An old trauma? A relationship? A fear? A belief?

Then, you can journal about how it affects you - how it harms you and what you gain from it. You can journal about what letting go would then do for you - how it might free you or make you feel more balanced, confident, or at peace.

Recently for me, I've been working to let go of fear of failure and journaling about it in my custom wellness journal. I don't think I'll ever be rid of it entirely, and I think it's ok and natural to have a healthy fear of failure. So letting go is more about being aware in the moment of when that fear is getting in my way, and releasing it momentarily by centering on what matters most to me in that moment.

With our Centered Self Planner, you can write your response to this prompt at the start of your week in the self-care planner. Then, throughout the week, when that thing you want to let go of comes up, you have it written down to remind you that this is something you're committed to letting go of. Then, you can jot down what you're experiencing, thinking, and feeling as you try to let go in the moment.

It's a process... It's work, but especially with tools like our self-care planners and wellness journals, you have the power to continue moving in the process.

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