Journaling for Your Natural Self

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In a journaling workshop I led this week, one of the prompts we used was, "Who is my natural self?"

As we ease into the fall, it's a good time to reflect on this journaling prompt - "Who is your natural self?"

Your natural self is who you are without trying, without forcing anything, without pushing. It's you without performing, without wearing any mask. It's you in a state of ease, when you are simply being.

As I journaled to this prompt in my self-care journal, some things that came out in my journaling were,

I am naturally caring
I am naturally ambitious
I am naturally smiling
I naturally enjoy pushing - like when I feel my muscles working when exercising.

These and other characteristics I listed led me to a deeper insight... I've been pushing myself hard work wise because, well, I'm going on maternity leave in January! As someone who is self-employed, I feel the need to make and save as much as I can until I go on leave. I'm a squirrel gathering my nuts! But, lately, I've let some health and wellness routines go because I'm in that constant hustle and pushing mode. 

In my journaling, I realized, I've been pushing out of fear of being a disappointment to my future child and family. But by coming back to my natural self, I saw, I already have what it takes, naturally, to be the provider I need and want to be. This led me to question in my journaling, what if instead of being driven by the fear of not doing or not being enough, I'm driven by the energy that simply comes with me being my natural self? 

I think I'd have less stress.
I think I'd have less overthinking.
I think I'd have less anxiety.
I think I'd have more health without sacrificing productivity.

So, now as I start my day, I take a deep breath, remember who my natural self is, tap into that source, and try to stay in that place throughout the day.

What about you? Who is your natural self? Write out what comes to mind as it comes to mind...

With love,
Alina Liao, founder of Zenit
You are worthy of your wellness

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