Journaling for Victories

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Wow, it's so great to be writing to you. This is my first blog post since the new year - since having Baby Girl! 

These last few months have been incredible. New motherhood is quite the journey. There have been days so hard they are soul crushing. Then there are moments so profound, there's no way for me to even describe the feeling. 

As expected, motherhood has made practicing wellness much harder in some ways. But, there are some ways where the precise challenges of motherhood has helped me with my wellness. 

One way in particular I noticed through my journaling was that I started to truly see and celebrate my small wins, especially as it came to my self-care. Because between cluster feedings and Baby struggling to sleep, ANYTHING I did for myself became a victory. Showered? Victory. Ate a meal? Victory. Pooped? VICTORY. 

I think this new mindset was a survival technique. But, as I observed in my journaling, I can feel in my mind, heart, and even in my body, how much a difference it has made. On those hard, hard days, saying and journaling "victory" lifted me. And it's helped me keep up my wellness routines. My full body stretch during morning outside time with Baby = victory! My five minutes of journaling before I wake up Baby for her first feeding = victory!

Of course, this doesn't only apply to motherhood. Recognizing and celebrating our small wins in our wellness journaling helps us find our balance wherever we are in life. What about you? What is one thing for which you can claim, "victory"?

Remember, you are allowed to call any small thing "victory." There is no benchmark or judge. Those small things for our self-care or those little steps forward in the journey you are in can still be so hard. So yes, say it. Write it. Journal it. Victory!

With love,
Founder of Zenit
You are worthy of your wellness

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