The Power of Journaling About Our Values

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What are our values? Our values are beliefs we hold deeply, that are tied to our identity. For example, I value being independent and exercising my autonomy - that's one reason why I'm driven to run my own business. When I've had jobs in the past where I was micro-managed, where my input was dismissed, and where I was told do things I didn't believe it, it bothered me to the core, because my values were being violated.

Knowing and staying true to our values is a key part of our wellness. It's part of being our authentic selves. When we change who we are for others, it hurts to suppress or break off parts of who we are. Finding people and environments where we can be our full, authentic selves is important for our well-being.

Journaling about what's important to us, what we value, and how we are staying true to ourselves, helps us get to know ourselves more deeply. As we get to know what matters to us more deeply, we are empowered to choose the people and environments we are in that align with our values. Having a customized journal or customized planner that prompts us to explore values, our identity, or our needs and desires can support our well-being this way.

In my older customized journals, my prompt "How am I honoring what I want" gave me a space to dive deeper into what I care about and understand the areas in my life that were aligned with my values and that were violating my values. In my current customized Zenit Journal, my prompt "What do I want in my heart?" continues to invite me to explore how I'm staying true to my values and my authentic self in my day to day life.

When you customize your Zenit Journal, the prompts under "I want to stay true to what matters to me" are related to helping us explore and live out our values. They include prompts:

What matters to me most right now?
How am I living out my values?
I feel pressure that I *should*..., but in my heart I truly care about...

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