Those Who Know Me Best Would Say...

Posted by Alina Liao on

Sometimes we're our harshest critic. When we're down on ourselves, one of Zenit's journaling prompts for customized journals that can help us regain our footing is, "Those who know me best would say..."

When I've been in low points of my depression, my close friends would encourage me, telling me that I'm strong, I'm a good person, I'm an inspiration. While I'm always grateful for their support, there have been times I hated hearing these words, because I didn't believe them.

Yet, when I feel down on myself, I still remind myself of the words those who know me best have said. At the end of the day, they're people I love, respect, and trust. So even if I don't believe in myself right now, they see something in me, and that matters.

As I journal in my customized journal about the encouraging things they have said or would say, I eventually move to claiming these things as my truth as well. I AM strong, even if I don't feel it in the moment. I AM a good person, even if my depression is doubting me. I HAVE inspired others, and that counts for something. 

When the self-doubting voices in our heads are louder, journaling about what those who know us best would say can help us remember that our self-doubt is not us. We ARE all the things those who know us best say as well. 

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