On feeling enough...

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"I am enough."

It's a super common affirmation. It's a GREAT affirmation. I hear it said so often, including in our journaling workshops, I think because so many of us struggle to actually feel enough.

It can be a journey to go from saying "I am enough" to internalizing it - fully believing it and feeling enough.

Especially in American hustle culture that emphasizes productivity, and especially for those of us who have long felt constant pressure to always be achieving, we can find ourselves always chasing some finish line down the road. Like, at best, I can have a blip of feeling enough when I finally have that huge win, but aside from that, I'm chasing, chasing, chasing, fueled by not feeling enough.

In fact, feeling not enough can be a powerful motivator to do more. But... it's exhausting.

Over the past few years, building Zenit and our custom wellness journal business has been tough. As I've journaled in my mental health journal, I've seen how much I have struggled to feel enough. In my journaling and reflection, I've been working on feeling enough even when I don't have my sh*t together, when I feel far from my goals, or when I feel like I've let myself or others down.

I've been learning in my journaling to my mental health prompts to separate my worth from my accolades. To believe I am enough even when things are messy. To pause, breathe, remind myself, I am human. As I have journaled in my mental health journal, I am allowed to struggle, stumble, make mistakes. and not have it all figured out. I mean, that's life, isn't it?

Some mental health journal prompts that can help us get to internalizing "I am enough," especially during down times, are:

I still deserve to celebrate myself for...
How am I honoring what I want?
I took a step forward when...

When you feel not enough, remember - you still deserve to celebrate your effort, your progress, your existence. You ARE enough, as you are, wherever you are on your journey, however you are.

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