Ease into the New Year (2023)

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Happy new year! I hope you some good quality time over your holidays!

Inhale love... ... ...Exhale ease

Well, here we are in 2023. 

So far, I've had some days full of rest. I've had other days working from the moment I wake up to right before going to bed. I've had some days of great balance - with both productivity and wellness - that I'm proud of. I've had days where everything got thrown off.

I love the idea of easing into the new year. It sounds amazing. As I wrote in my mental health journaling, it was my intent to go into the new year with ease. Have I had my ideal version of easing into the new year? No way. But... I'm still ok with it.

As I pause and reflect now in my mental health journal, I'm reminded that our wellness isn't a finish line or a steady state that we reach, but a constant practice woven inside the ups and downs of life.

The same goes with ease - approaching ease as a practice. 

For me, there's planning and sticking to wellness routines and sleep that help me have ease in the form of better work-life balance.

There's ease in terms of not over-anticipating so much, bringing myself to the present, allowing things to come, and reacting to what comes with trust. 

There's also ease in being flexible - accepting and adjusting with the unexpected. Letting go of plans and coming back to what really matters and what is enough.

There's ease in catching myself when I multi-task, bouncing back and forth, and going back to "one thing at a time."

Sometimes I get to actually feeling ease, if only for a breath, and sometimes I don't. But it's a practice, so that's ok.

What does practicing ease in your daily life look like to you? Write what comes to mind as it comes to mind in your mental health journaling.

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