You Are Worthy of Taking Time for You

Posted by Alina Liao on

How are you honoring what you want?

How are you creating space for what serves you?

How are you acknowledging your feelings, energy, and needs?

The more I journal to prompts like these in my custom wellness journal, the more I see how my sense of self-worth is tied to my ability to take time for myself.

When we've been told we are worth less, or our well-being matters less than others, it chips away at our sense of self-worth. We can internalize the message that we don't have permission to take time for ourselves. I've found through my journaling in my custom wellness journal, I'm often in a place where I believe that if I don't do enough or achieve enough or sacrifice enough or suffer enough, I haven't earned that time to myself. 

We might say, "I'll slow down when..." or "I'll take a break when..." but then... there's always one more thing we can add to that list before we believe we can take time for ourselves.

I want to send you a gentle, and firm, reminder that you are worthy of taking time for yourself. This is something I've revisited over and over again in my custom wellness journal. And that's one thing about journaling in your custom wellness journal - it's perfectly ok to keep writing about the same thing over and over again. If you are, it's for a reason. And this idea that I am worthy, I am far from saying it too much.

No matter where you are on your to-do list, no matter what your obligations are, no matter what other people have told you, you are a miracle of a human being.

You are worthy of pausing. You are worthy of using your custom wellness journal to sit and be with yourself, to be with all of you. You are worthy of giving yourself that big, long, hug, the kind that comes from the deep well of love in your heart. The kind that breaks through the hard protective exterior we create and lets the tears flow. 

Because I understand how hard it can be to go from saying "I'm worthy" to actually believing it, our menu of prompts for our custom wellness journal includes multiple prompts that speak to self-worth and self-love. I've also created a couple bundles of our journaling retreats that can guide you in this journey.

Our Self-Love Package includes our three journaling retreats: Feeling Your Feelings, Practicing Radical Self-Acceptance, and Journaling for Joy.

Our Relationships Package includes our three journaling retreats: Processing Trauma, Building Healthy Relationships, and Journal to Reset.

With these bundles, you have unlimited access to the three retreats. You can go through them at your own pace, and refer back to the journaling activities anytime. I always say in these video retreats, doing these retreats, or journaling in your custom wellness journal, and making time to be with yourself, is an act of self-love. You are worthy of it.

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