Where to Start with Self-Care?

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You're here. We're here. Inhale love... Exhale ease...

What does self-care look like to you? We tend to jump to the actions, like take a walk, or take a nap, or take a bath, or cook a meal, or do some self care journaling, or do some movement, and the list goes on...

There's nothing wrong with these possible forms of self-care. But I want to offer a gentle reminder that your self-care is personal to you. Only you can truly know what serves you

So how can we know what we need and want for our self-care? 

We can start with our feelings. Your feelings - in your body, energy, mind, and heart - are the information that informs you what you may need and want for your self-care.

Feeling tired? Maybe I'll lie down for 10 minutes with my eyes closed. Feeling sad? I can let myself cry or listen to music that helps me feel and release the sadness. Feeling energized? Let me do something fun or creative I've been wanting to do. Feeling grateful? Let me cook a meal for me and someone I love...

There is no set check list for self-care. It starts with you and your feelings.

That's why with our Starter Self-Care Journal, we didn't throw in a bunch of checklists and trackers. We simply have the one repeating prompt in the self-care journal, "What am I feeling? What's driving my feelings?" followed by different self care journaling prompts for exploring what serves you, practicing self-care, and celebrating the love you give yourself.

We want you to have that daily, sacred space in your self-care journal to take even two minutes to check in with yourself and acknowledge your feelings, with love and ease, in your self-care journal. You are worthy of feeling all your feelings.

You can take a moment now to give it a try... Deep breath... close your eyes, look inward. What are you feeling? And then let that guide what you decide serves you in the moment.

With love,
Alina Liao, founder of Zenit
Feel it, write it, Zenit

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