Slowing Down by Indulging My Five Senses

Posted by Alina Liao on

As we continue through the winter, I've been trying to listen to my energy, and continue with the theme of ease in my self care journaling. One way I've been doing this is by engaging my five sense more.

When I'm lying in bed before I get up, I take a minute to enjoy, "Mmmm, my pillow feels so good against my head!" When I pour that cup of hot cocoa, I savor the aroma, then the taste, then the warmth that spreads in my chest. By being aware of how my sense are engaged in the moment, it brings me down from my whirlwind of thoughts and back to the now. It creates a moment of stillness. Of ease. I've been journaling about these little experiences more in my self care journaling too, to further savor these little joys.

I'm also incorporating more sensory "comfort things" in my daily routines. When I do my self care journaling in my new Astrology Journal at night, I like to light a scented candle - it creates a deeper sense of ritual, that this is my sacred time to be with myself and the energy of the universe. In my mornings, I slowly sip my coffee as I self care journaling in my Custom Wellness Journal with my personalized prompts. I enjoy the feel of the fabric wellness journal and paper against my fingertips.

Look around at what you already have... How can you be more mindful of how your senses are engaged in your daily routines? How might you create full sensory rituals for your wellness? Have fun with this! 

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