What Is Enough?

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I've been journaling to this question, "What is enough?"

On a day-to-day basis, I look at my to-dos and goals for the day and week. Circle my priorities. But before I get going, I pause and ask myself, "What is enough?" Through this self care journaling, the to-do list shrinks, and I can breathe.

On a larger note, I've been asking myself in my self care journaling, when it comes to what I want for my life, "What is enough?"

The narrative, "I can have it all!" sounded liberating when I first heard it. But lately, it's felt oppressive. It feels like a trap. It's had me constantly chasing.

I don't want to chase anymore. I want to live.

don't want it all. 

What do I want? I've found through my self care journaling, I want enough to feel mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, financially, intellectually, and spiritually fulfilled. I don't need it all to do that.

So I've been coming back to this prompt, "What is enough?"  

In our fast-paced, capitalistic culture where our worth is detached from our humanity and is instead based on our accolades and income and appearance, it's so easy to believe that embracing what you define as enough is "settling" or "mediocrity." 

Remember that even if others are telling you that, YOU get to choose your narrative. 

So, in your day to day, if you want to have more ease and ownership, consider asking yourself in your self care journaling, "For today, what is enough?" And when you think about the big life choices you make and goals you pursue, consider asking yourself, "For me, what is enough?"

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