How Can We Go from Surviving to Thriving?

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These past few months, many of us have been in survival mode. As we look forward, there's still a lot of uncertainty. One thing that's becoming clear is that trying to do everything we've been doing - work, school, childcare, family life, etc. - PLUS the additional burdens from COVID - social isolation, remote work and school, etc. - has us in survival mode day-to-day. But you, like me, might be questioning, "How much longer can I do this for?" Can we actually keep running on the same hamster wheel while carrying a heavier load? Do we even want to? Do we have to? 

It might feel early to be asking, "How can I go from surviving to thriving?" But, asking this question can be the exact reset we need right now. This question can open our hearts, minds, and imaginations to revamping our live, moving beyond quick temporary band-aide fixes and instead creating a new path forward that we intentionally design to enable us to thrive.

Which Journaling Prompts Can Help Me Move to Thriving?

Journaling gives us a daily space to reflect on and imagine what thriving looks like for ourselves and our families. Zenit's journal prompts that you can choose from for your Custom Wellness Journal that support this include:

Self-Care Prompts
What am I feeling? What’s driving my feelings?
What are my needs?
What serves me today?

Passion Prompts
What gave me energy? What drained my energy?
I experienced joy when...

Values Prompts
What matters to me most right now?
What can I let go of that's outside of my control? What can I focus my energy on instead?
I feel pressure that I *should*..., but in my heart I truly care about...

Peace Prompts
I feel stressed or down about… What do my heart and wisest self say about it?
What beliefs of mine are serving me now? What beliefs are no longer serving me?

These prompts all get at gaining a deeper understanding of our true, natural selves and understanding what we want and need to thrive. They help us get clear on our core beliefs and how our beliefs affect our choices. Now is the time to re-evaluate our beliefs and values and make a choice on what beliefs and ways of living will - and will not - support our thriving moving forward. 

Re-imagining and restructuring our lives to move from surviving to thriving won't happen overnight. It will be a constant evaluation and trial and error, but we'll keep moving toward our North Star of thriving.


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