I will find my way...

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In our July wellness journaling retreats on Embracing the Journey, one prompt from our live wellness journaling retreat was,

"I will find my way as long as I stay true to..."

In my Zenit daily self care journal, I didn't know what would come out as I started to journal to this prompt...I meandered a bit in my writing, which sometimes happens when I'm doing my self care journaling in my Zenit daily wellness journal. Then, the words came to me: I will find my way as long as I stay true to my heart.

These past few years, I've been healing from trauma from painful relationships.  I've been using my health wellness journal and Zenit daily self care journal for my self care journaling, working through pain and loss and piecing myself back together. As I journaled, I realized,

"From my trauma, my head got messed up. It led to lots of questioning, self-doubt, self-hate. And my heart was broken. But it wasn't messed up or twisted. I am mending the wounds. But there's nothing wrong with my heart."

This was the first time I saw this - consciously, clearly. There's nothing wrong with my heart. I can always come back to it when I'm lost.
It felt so reassuring and healing to actually see this. It was a breakthrough in my self care journaling and my healing journey. I'm grateful I was able to hold this wellness journaling retreat to see this and write this down in my Zenit daily self care journal. So the words will always be there for me to come back to. There's nothing wrong with my heart. So much of my healing journey and self care journaling has also been about learning to trust myself. This entry was a significant step for me in coming to trust.

What about you? What can you come back to to find your way when you feel lost in your journey?

As I ask this, remember that, it's OK to be lost. Your daily self care journaling and daily wellness journaling is your safe space to be lost, be honest, and to wander.

In any journey - it's natural to be lost at times. Being lost is part of the journey, and it's often in being lost that we learn and grow. Even when you're lost and you don't see a path forward, you have your natural light, your heart, inside you to keep going. You will naturally uncover more of yourself through your self care journaling in your daily wellness journal. And through the wandering, you eventually find your way - or create your way.

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