Journal to Embrace Your Journey

Journal to Embrace Your Journey

This video journaling retreat is on Embracing Your Journey. This will be a deeply personal retreat, where we invite you to reflect on a journey you are in. We go over ways to navigate failure and embrace where you are in your journey, even when times are tough. This retreat includes five lessons with guided journaling prompts.

Once you purchase this video retreat, you will get an automated email via Thinkific to create your account and access your video retreat on your Thinkific dashboard. You will have unlimited access to this video, so you can take your time going through it and come back to it later.

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This retreat has five lessons with guided wellness journaling:

  1. Clarifying what journey you’re in 

  2. Reflecting on why this journey matters to you

  3. Embracing where you are now in your journey

  4. Embracing our failures along the way

  5. Embracing self-trust.

With the five wellness journaling activities, you’ll go through a process of reflecting on your journey and where you are in it. We’ll journal to learn to embrace the journey - meaning, letting go of worry or pressure to reach the finish line and feeling whole and complete no matter where we are in the journey.

We’re all in this journey called life. Within that, we each have our own journeys. You might be on a journey of healing from trauma or loss. You might be on a journey of self-discovery. Perhaps you’re in transition and on a journey of building a more meaningful career. Or you’re in a journey of creation - you are trying to start your own business or taking something from a dream to a reality. Or maybe you’re on a journey of love - building more loving relationships with yourself and others. Maybe you just started a family and are in this new journey with your family, figuring it out day by day. You might be facing several unexpected setbacks now, and you’re in the journey to get through them. Or you’re in your journey of anti-racism, unlearning beliefs, practices, and norms that perpetuate racism and learning new beliefs and practices that combat racism and advance racial equity and justice.

It’s also normal to be in a place where you’re not sure what journey you’re on. Perhaps you can’t see the path before you. That’s ok, there’s no need to panic. Sometimes the path isn’t before us, and as the poet Antonio Machado said, “the road is made by walking.” It’s made one step at a time.

Why is embracing the journey important for our well-being? Learning to embrace the journey can help us move away from that feeling like we’re always chasing something out of reach. It can help feel like we are enough, even during times the journey is difficult, when the path before us is unclear, or when we’ve gotten lost or slipped backwards. The purpose of this retreat’s wellness journaling is to help us get to a point where we can view ourselves with love, compassion, patience, and trust no matter where we are in the journey. 

Remember, you have unlimited access to this retreat, so you can use it now for one journey you’re in, and later for another journey. Maybe one for something you’re working through in your personal life and you do this again later for something you’re working through in your professional life. And take your time, you don’t have to do all five wellness journaling lessons at once. Go at your own pace. Give yourself breaks between journaling lessons.