Journal to Feel

Journal to Feel

As humans, we all need to feel our feelings for our well-being. But, it can be hard to feel our feelings. In this video journaling retreat, we provide guided journaling lessons for working through your feelings and exploring your relationship with your feelings. 

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As human beings, we all have feelings. Feelings and emotions are natural. But a lot of us experience a culture where feelings are looked down upon. And in our fast-paced, busy lives, it can become a habit to suppress or pushing aside our feelings. However, those feelings don't go away. For our well-being, it's important to take time to acknowledge and feel our feelings. Doing self care journaling can help us step into our feels and move through our feelings, even the more painful, difficult ones.

This video wellness journaling retreat covers the importance and benefits of feeling our feelings for our overall health and wellness. It then provides journaling lessons with guided prompts on:

  1. Being present with and expressing your feelings
  2. Exploring on how journaling helps you process your feelings
  3. Identifying what holds you back in acknowledging your feelings
  4. Developing a self-care plan to take more time for your feelings

This and all Zenit Video Journaling Retreats also includes a guided meditation and the basics of self care journaling. Through this wellness journaling video retreat, we hope that you can find wellness journaling as a safe space to be with yourself and your feelings with love and ease.