Journal for Your Energy

Journal for Your Energy

This video wellness journaling retreat is on Sustaining Our Energy. It provides lessons on burnout and energy management and guided journaling for you to get in touch with your energy and explore ways to restore your energy in your daily life. 

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This wellness journaling video retreat includes:

  1. What is burnout?
  2. Common ways we drain, give, and restore our energy
  3. Mindful breathing
  4. Guided journaling to get in tune with your energy
  5. Guided journaling to shift from force to flow
  6. Guided journaling to connect with your passion

Preserving our energy helps us prevent burnout. We can think of our energy like a cup, and when we are expending energy, we’re pouring our cup. When we rest, and do things that give us energy, and receive care from others, we fill our cup back up.

If you, like me, are often pulled in many directions, juggling multiple demands, it can become a habit to keep going even when we’re low on energy. We can get used to being tired or burnt out. It can become hard to stop and slow down and rest, because the moment we stop, all that exhaustion actually hits you. 

From my self care journaling, I've learned that constantly doing things can also be a coping mechanism - a way of staying busy to ignore other more painful things in our lives, or staying busy because it gives us that sense of control, or staying busy because we believe that we’re only worth it if we are doing something.

For all these and more reasons, it's hard to preserve our energy. Wellness journaling is a way to better monitor our energy levels, and to gradually change how we live so that we are able to better protect and sustain our energy. 

Imagine a life where everyday you go to bed feeling satisfied and you wake up feeling refreshed. We all deserve to feel that way and live this way. It’s a journey to get there, and wellness journaling can help. So, let’s grab that pen and paper, and dive in...