starter empower journal for self care journaling. showing journal prompts for taking steps toward goals and blue and green journal cover
empower planner for self care journaling
empower planner for self care journaling
empower planner for self care journaling
empower planner for self care journaling
empower planner for self care journaling
empower planner for self care journaling

Starter Empower Journal

Progress happens step by step! This daily wellness journal gives you space and guidance to take small steps towards your goals.

Our Empower Journal starts with asking you one thing you can do for your health, sense of purpose (career or school or service), and relationships. Then, there are prompts to reflect on how you feel about your plan, celebrate your small wins, and reflect on what you're learning about yourself and your strengths.

Our Starter Empower Journal is 8.5"x 5", 64 pages, softcover, with a fabric print cover of your choosing.

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Starter Empower Journal

  • This size Empower Journal is great if you're newer to self care journaling, or have tried and had trouble with it before, but are wanting to give it another go. You have the full-size journal page to allow yourself to go deep in your self care journaling, and it's only 64 pages so it may feel more doable than our full-size wellness journals.
  • This daily wellness journal is ideal for those who are looking to be intentional in reaching their dreams or in working on specific areas of their lives.
  • It can feel overwhelming to imagine all the work needed to reach big goals, but when we break down our goals into small, doable steps, we can keep moving forward, and feel empowered in the small steps we make day by day.
  • This daily wellness journal gives you gentle guidance and structure to stay consistent in your goals, build your self-awareness of your strengths and skills, and celebrate your wins.
  • Our Empower Journal starts with these three prompts for planning small steps toward your goals:
    • "What's one thing I can do today for:
      • My physical health / mental health / emotional health
      • My sense of purpose (career, school, service)
      • My relationships"
    • "How do I feel about these steps?"
    • "I took a step forward when..."
    • "I'm learning that I can..."
  • The Empower Journal also comes with affirming, inspirational quotes on self-acceptance and self-worth
  • This Empower Journal is 5" x 8.5" and has 64 soothing cream-colored, lined pages. This Empower Journal is softcover with and a premium look and feel.
  • Our wellness journals come in a selection of vibrant, inspiring print fabric covers. Our print fabrics are Ankara and Batik cotton fabrics, which look dope and feel great to the touch. Choose the pattern for your wellness journal that you connect with most.
  • All our wellness journals are handmade and hand-bound, allowing daily planners to fully lay flat when open. The lay flat binding of our wellness journals makes it easier and more comfortable to write or draw in them.