gold and blue wellness journal for self-care journaling with pen and stack of pebbles

Sep 25, 2-3pm ET: Journal for Balance

Process where you are. Release your stress. Find your balance. In this mini-retreat, we'll use guided journaling to dive into what you need for your balance and how you can find, or create, balance day to day. Whether it's work-life balance, emotional balance, or relationship balance, this is an opportunity to go deep with your sense of balance. 

When: Sunday, September 25, 2-3pm EST. Once you purchase your ticket, you'll get a calendar invite and email with the Zoom info.

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How do our Wellness Journaling Mini-Retreats work?

In our one hour together, we'll go through a flow of process, release, center:

  • Welcome + collective breaths
  • Offer ways to journal
  • Journal to guided prompts to process
  • Share reflections in small groups
  • Journal to guided prompts to release
  • Share reflections in small groups
  • Journal to guided prompts to center
  • Share reflections in small groups
  • Close with affirmations meditation

Zenit founder Alina will guide us through a few self care journaling rounds where:

  • Alina presents and explains some prompts based on the mini-retreat's theme,
  • We journal privately as the prompts are displayed on the screen and calming music plays in the background,
  • We come back and share our reflections in small breakout rooms to give and get inspiration.

Mini-Retreats also include a guided meditation. We close with loving affirmations.

Our Mini-Retreats are a safe, affirming space to show up as you are, process what you need to process, be with yourself with ease and love, do some self care journaling, and support each other in community.

What will we cover in this Mini-Retreat, "Journal for Balance"?

In this mini-retreat, we will journal to slowdown and process our feelings, deepen our understanding of what affects our balance, and explore ways to create or find balance in our day to day lives. 

As human beings we all have stress. We'll all go through ups and downs. Balance isn't about absence of challenges. It's a mix of acceptance, letting go, gaining perspective, and centering on what matters. It's a practice that we can develop over time. Journaling is one way to work through the angst, pain, stress, and anxiety, and work our way to balance.

Once you purchase your ticket, you will receive a calendar invite and email with the Zoom info. 

Why Journaling?

Journaling is a powerful tool to untap your power. When we journal, we peel back the layers of our psyche and bring what was subconscious into the conscious. By building our self-awareness through journaling, we're empowered to make the changes we want to see in our lives.

Zenit's journaling mini-retreats are designed to be safe, inclusive, affirming space to experience the healing power of journaling in community. They're led by me, Alina Liao, founder of Zenit. I bring my passion for making wellness accessible and my background in mental health coaching to this work.