Journal for Ease

Journal for Ease

It can be so hard to have ease, especially in our daily lives. Time, multi-tasking, constantly giving of yourself. Not only that, but we can feel like we're not allowed to have ease, or we're not worthy of it. But, you are worthy of ease, of rest, of love. In this retreat, I'll guide you in self care journaling to uncover your barriers to ease, release them, and embrace ease. We all deserve more ease.

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This video retreat is about ease - having ease in your daily life.

In this capitalist, high-strung society, it’s not easy to have ease. But you are a miracle of a human being. You are worthy of ease. You deserve ease, not because you’ve worked hard and earned it, but because you are a human being.

Part of what blocks us from ease it time, but it’s deeper than that time. For many of us, it’s the internal beliefs we hold, that have been deeply ground into us from others, that make us feel like we’re not allowed to have ease. That make us feel like we’re not enough or a failure if we take care of ourselves.

In this retreat, I’ll guide you through five self care journaling exercise for you to:

  • Imagine what ease looks like, sounds like, feels like to you
  • Uncover your barriers to ease
  • Explore why you might feel “not enough” and move towards "I am enough"
  • Claim and embrace ease for yourself
  • Affirm your innate self-worth

My hope and intent is that you gain insights and clarity into what ease means for you and what stops you from having ease. I want you to be empowered through your self care journaling to have more ease in your daily life. You are worthy of it.

For each exercise, I’ll provide a few options for self care journaling prompts. You can choose one journal prompt that speaks to you, or go through all three journal prompts.

You will have ongoing access to this self care journaling retreat, so you can always come back and try the other journal prompts at a later time. You can also come back and journal to the same journal prompts. I recommend going through this video at a gentle pace that works for you. Do it in chunks, not necessarily all at once. Move through it with ease.

Let your pen flow, let your heart flow...