centered self wellness planner for self-care
centered self wellness planner for self-care
centered self wellness planner for self-care
centered self wellness planner for self-care
centered self wellness planner for self-care
centered self wellness planner for self-care

Centered Self Planner

This wellness planner designed by Centered Self covers 12 months. This wellness planner is un-dated, so you can start it anytime, and if you stop, you can re-start anytime without stress. Each month includes pages for your vision for the month, five weekly planner pages that each include a centering prompt, and month-end reflection pages.

This wellness planner is 200 pages total and 8.5" x 5.25". It also includes 12 blank pages at the front, Centered Self worksheets at the back for making big decisions and solving problems, and a QR code to online instructional videos and additional resources from Centered Self. Customize your planner in the customization form below. See below for more product info.

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My Centered Self Wellness Planner

  • This wellness planner is ideal for folks who want to feel more organized and on top of things while also being mindful of how they are experiencing life. 
  • This wellness planner starts with Quarterly Flow Pages for envisioning your dreams for the next four quarters. Think of this as your portable vision board!
  • There are then blank pages for open journaling or notetaking.
  • The Centered Self wellness planner then goes through 12 cycles of weekly and monthly planning and journaling using the Centered Self Planning method created by Tia Marie Brumsted of Centered Self:
    • Start of Month Reflection page to give you space to reflect on your key goals for the moth, identify what you need and how you'll track your progress, and clarify what success looks for you.
    • Five Weekly Centered Self Planning pages that provide you an overview of the week for planning events, activities, tasks, and deadlines for your week on one side, and one Centered Self prompt on the other side with space for your self-care journaling. The Centered Self prompt is something you can come back to through out your week to get centered, especially when you feel out of sync, overwhelmed, stressed, or lost. The Centered Self prompts cycle through different prompts for Grounding, Empowerment, Gratitude, and Focus.
    • End of Month Reflection page to give you space to acknowledge and celebrate your wins, steps forward, and progress, identify lessons you've learned, clarify how you've empowered yourself through the month, and set intentions for your future as you continue your journey.
  • The end of the Centered Self wellness planner includes worksheets for navigating big decisions and worksheets for solving problems. 
  • Customize your Centered Self wellness planner by choosing the cover that inspires you, adding Zenit's Corner Goodies including the Bookmark Star for saving entries and Mood Tracker for tracking your mood over time, and adding your personal mantra, quote, name, or affirmation to your wellness planner's title page.
  • Wellness Planners have 200 soothing cream-colored pages total. They cover one year with weekly and monthly planning pages.
  • Our wellness planners are 8.5" x 5.25".
  • Our wellness planners include a ribbon bookmark and elastic pen holder, making it easy to jot down things as they come to mind.
  • Our wellness planners come in a selection of vibrant, inspiring print fabric covers. Our print fabrics are Ankara and Batik cotton fabrics, which look dope and feel great to the touch. Choose the pattern for your wellness planner that you connect with most.

If you have questions or would like assistance in customizing your wellness planner, text or call us at (202) 930-3019 or email us at

The Centered Self planning method is created by Tia Marie Brumsted, MSW, a licensed clinical social worker in the state of Maryland and the District of Columbia. In addition to its wellness planners, Centered Self provides individual, teen, and family counseling services and clinical supervision for graduate social work and counseling professionals. Learn more at and follow Centered Self at @my.centered.self.