Zenit Custom Lil Affirmations Journal

Custom Lil Affirmations Journal

Personalize your lil wellness journal to make it uniquely you in the pages. In the customization form below, choose your cover and enter up to 23 affirmations (or favorite quotes, mantras, etc.) you want to include in the bottom right corner of each right-hand page Our lil wellness journals are 48 pages and 5" x 3.5". See below for more product info.

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Custom Lil Affirmations Journal

  • Keep your personal affirmations at hand by putting them in your Lil Affirmations Journal. Just pick up your journal anytime you need a lil emotional boost. Take time for your wellness. Jot down your thoughts, feelings, and reflections anytime, anywhere with this lil affirmations journal. Let your affirmations be a prompt or spark of inspiration for your self care journaling.
  • To customize your journal, click in the customization form above to first choose the cover for your lil wellness journal and then enter up to 23 of your personal affirmations, quotes, mantras, prompts, etc. Separate each affirmation for your lil affirmations journal by a line space.
  • Our Custom Lil Affirmations Journals are also great for gifts. Add affirmations and share the love and joy with these lil affirmations journals.
  • Our lil wellness journals are 5" x 3.5" and have 48 soothing cream-colored pages.
  • All lil wellness journals are handmade with love.
  • Lil wellness journals come in a selection of vibrant, inspiring fabric print covers. Fabrics are Ankara and Batik fabrics, rooted in African and Indonesian cultures. Choose the cover that speaks to you most for your lil affirmations journal.
  • Affirmations are short sayings that affirm your humanity and innate self-worth. They and bring us a sense of peace, calm us down, or lift our spirits when we read them.