The Moment I Think, "There's No Time..."

Posted by Alina Liao on

Wake up.
Brush teeth.
Get dressed.

Now, I want to stretch, journal in my custom wellness journal, and meditate --

How often does this cycle go through my mind? Pretty much every day. 

I know that it benefits me to take care of my well-being in the mornings - to do my self care journaling and such. But I still often wake up with that low key panic, already thinking "There's no time." Some days it's quiet. Some days it's loud. 

I've noticed, though, that when I listen to that voice and skip my morning wellness journaling and routine and jump into all the things I have to do, it doesn't make my panic go away. I reinforce the panic and the voices that insist there's no time. Then I'm running the whole day because as soon as I finish one thing, the "There's no time" voice speaks up and it's onto the next thing all in the same strained breath.

Because of that panic, it's been a fight to stay consistent with my morning wellness journaling routine. But what I've been doing more and more that has helped is, viewing that voice, "There's no time" as an invitation to pause. The moment I think "there's no time" is the best moment to pause, breathe, and do some self care journaling, movement, meditation for my wellness.

In the mornings, that's stretching, self care journaling in my custom wellness journal with my coffee, eating breakfast, and meditating. In the middle of the day, that's taking a few minutes to be still as I transition from one thing to the next. In the evening, it's stepping away, disconnecting, and doing physical movement that I love.

When I respond to "There's no time" by doing something for my wellness, I'm proving that panic wrong. I'm showing myself, "Yes, there is time, and it will be OK if I take this time for myself." Over time, that panic has quieted down. It's still there, but it's more "low key" now and easier to manage. On my good days, I control it, it doesn't control me.

What about you? When do you ideally want to take time for your wellness routine? What resistance comes up for you? What would it look like to use those moments of resistance as an invitation to slow down and take that moment for yourself? 

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