Journal for Workplace Wellness

We partner with organizations committed to investing in the sustained well-being, satisfaction, and retention of their employees. We offer a variety of workplace wellbeing offerings to support your workplace wellness initiatives.

Our workplace wellbeing offerings are culturally responsive, designed to create an inclusive, safe space for people of diverse backgrounds to experience the power of guided journaling.

 find Ways to practice  Wellness in the Workplace. Feel it. Write it. Zenit.

Workplace Wellness Offerings

Organizations can partner with us to support their workplace wellness initiatives by:

1. Bringing our Workplace Wellness Journaling Package to your team/members

2. Sponsoring membership to our Wellness Journaling Mini-Retreats for your team/members

3. Purchasing Zenit Wellness Journals for your team/members

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Workplace Wellness Journaling Package: Making Space for Wellness at Work

For organizations committed to improving employee wellness, satisfaction, and retention, we provide our Workplace Wellness Journaling Package, Making Space for Wellness at Work.

This package addresses common workplace wellness challenges including blurred boundaries, Zoom fatigue, overworking, and overscheduling, especially in remote or hybrid environments.

Our workplace wellness journaling package is designed to provide employees with a calming space to slow down, process, and center their wellness AND to provide tools for managers and staff to follow through on making space for wellness at work.

overview of workplace wellness journaling package for workplace wellness initiatives

Choose one of our standard workplace wellness themes:

Journal to Restore - To restore employees’ energy

Journal for Joy - To keep joy present at work

Journal for Boundaries - To honor boundaries at work

The workplace wellness package includes:

90-minute workshop, with a 60-minute guided journaling session for all staff on the wellness theme, followed by a 30-minute guided debrief for managers.

One-week follow up "digital toolkit" with a team journaling agenda and video to guide staff and managers in reflecting on and continuing the progress in making space for wellness at work.

By the end of the 90-minute workshop,

  • All staff will have processed their experiences around the wellness theme, explored their wellness needs at work, and clarified ways to honor their wellness at work.

  • Managers will have created an Action Plan for making concrete, simple but powerful changes in a workplace practice that makes space for wellness at work, based on what staff shared in the journaling session.

In the one-week follow up, managers and staff receive a digital kit with:

  • An agenda with journaling prompts for managers and staff to reflect on your team’s progress in the action plan, identify what's working and what obstacles still exist, and explore ways to continue the progress.

  • A video providing guidance on using the journaling agenda and reflecting collectively.

The 60-minute all-staff wellness journaling session covers:

  • Guided mindful deep breathing
  • Introduction to the benefits of journaling
  • Overview of ways to journal
  • 2-3 rounds of journaling to themed prompts and sharing of reflections in small groups
  • Facilitated large group share out
  • Tips on building a consistent journaling practice
  • Closing affirmations meditation

Want to customize the wellness journaling session of this package?

With our customized workshop option, instead of using our standard workplace wellness themes, the 60-minute all-staff journaling session is custom-tailored to the organization. Before the workshop, we administer a survey and hold a scoping call to identify your staff’s workplace wellness needs. We then develop a customized agenda and prompts based on the expressed needs of staff for the all-staff journaling session.

Sponsored Journaling Mini-Retreats

Open wellness journal by zenit for self care journaling with guided prompts, pencil, tea, and flowers

This is a great option for organizations looking to add to an employee workplace package that offers easily accessible wellness experiences. Our Journaling Mini-Retreats include:

  • Access to our twice-monthly community mini-retreats with guided journaling on standard wellness topics
  • Access to our full library of self-paced video journaling retreats on various wellness topics such as sustaining your energy, journaling for ease, and building healthy relationships
  • Weekly Zen Texts, text messages that include a wellness journaling prompt and affirmation in a soothing audio file sent over SMS text

For this workplace wellbeing option, you get a code for employees to redeem for their membership, and you only pay for codes redeemed.

Bulk Buy of Wellness Journals

 Bulk journals of wellness journals for self care journaling by Zenit. Includes journals with pink and blue, purple and gold, blue and gold, brown, and green covers

Our hand-crafted Wellness Journals with guided journaling prompts are a unique offering and make for great workplace gifts. They go far beyond a generic notebook with a logo. Our wellness journals include prompts and designs that intentionally center your employees' self-care and wellness, directly supporting their ongoing self-care and wellbeing practice.

Purchase pre-designed or bespoke wellness journals

You have the option of a bulk buy of any of our standard wellness journals

You can also request that we design a journal customized for your team. We work with you to understand what you're looking for, develop prompts for your workplace initiative, and design mockups for your review and approval. We have customized journals for workplace wellbeing initiatives, team retreats, workplace gifts, and employee wellness packages. 

Let employees customize their own personal wellness journals

Zenit's most unique, special offering is our Custom Wellness Journals, where each individual can choose the prompts and affirmations that go in their journals. This makes it easier to journal and support your daily wellness, since your prompts are specific to you.

As an alternative to buying workplace journals in bulk up front, you also have the option of using a unique code for your employees to redeem, which allows every employee to choose or customize their personal Zenit Journal.

You only pay for codes redeemed by employees. This makes for unique workplace gifts, wherein every employee gets to choose and personalize their wellness journal to meet their personal needs and goals.

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Hear from workshop participants: 

"I used to journal a lot a few years ago and have gotten so busy over the years, that it drifted out of my life. Thanks to Alina, I was able to get the pen to paper and explore myself through some thought provoking journal prompts. I didn't realize how much I'd enjoyed journaling...This has been a trying year and a lot has happened in my life, besides the actual pandemic. This event has reminded me how beneficial it can be to just take a few minutes to put your thoughts down on paper. Alina provided us with prompts that made me really want to dig deep...We also had the chance to reflect with one another in break out rooms that I didn't expect to enjoy as much as I did."
"I loved this event!...I appreciated when Alina talked about self care and wellness being a right. She has a daily journaling ritual and I am inspired to start doing the same. I enjoy journaling and I find prompts are really helpful...Alina led us through a series of questions to answer and gave us time to journal, followed by break out sessions to share with a few others...During a time of covid and self isolation, it was wonderful to connect with people!"