For Workplace Wellness

We believe in a world where the workplace is a safe space that honors our mental health and wellness. For organizations, we offer virtual wellness journaling workshops and bulk Zenit Gift Cards, which enable your staff to customize their wellness journals for their personal mental health and wellness needs.

Whether you're an organization looking to give your team a facilitated space to reflect, or an association or nonprofit looking to provide a wellness "mini-retreat" to your members, we can custom-tailor our journaling workshop to your wellness needs and goals. 

Our workshop include the benefits of journaling, tips for building a journaling practice, and group journaling activities with custom-tailored prompts. Workshop topics span from supporting our personal wellness to building a culture of wellness within your organization. 

Our workshops are culturally responsive, designed to create an inclusive, safe space for people of diverse backgrounds to experience the power of guided journaling  

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 find Ways to practice  Wellness in the Workplace. Feel it. Write it. Zenit.

Hear from workshop participants: 

"This event was one-of-a-kind. Alina, the owner of Zenit Journals created a calm virtual space that allowed us to reflect on certain things. With on-screen prompts to guide us as we write/journal, Alina provided us with tips on how to make the best of journaling. I appreciated the event, and the break-out sessions made it even more impactful."

"I used to journal a lot a few years ago and have gotten so busy over the years, that it drifted out of my life. Thanks to Alina, I was able to get the pen to paper and explore myself through some thought provoking journal prompts. I didn't realize how much I'd enjoyed journaling...This has been a trying year and a lot has happened in my life, besides the actual pandemic. This event has reminded me how beneficial it can be to just take a few minutes to put your thoughts down on paper. Alina provided us with prompts that made me really want to dig deep...We also had the chance to reflect with one another in break out rooms that I didn't expect to enjoy as much as I did."

"I loved this event!...I appreciated when Alina talked about self care and wellness being a right. She has a daily journaling ritual and I am inspired to start doing the same. I enjoy journaling and I find prompts are really helpful...Alina led us through a series of questions to answer and gave us time to journal, followed by break out sessions to share with a few others...During a time of covid and self isolation, it was wonderful to connect with people!"


Zenit Journals Workplace Wellness Workshop