We believe in an inclusive wellness marketplace that advances access to mental health, wellness, and racial justice resources for all. 

Get Inspired with Zenspiration Talks

In our Zenspiration Talk series, we hold an IG Live interview with someone in the Zenit community. They share how they customized their wellness journals, how they've developed their self care journaling practice for their wellness, and insights they've gained from their self care journaling. Listen in to get ideas and inspiration for customizing your Zenit wellness journal and for your healing and wellness journey. Follow us on Instagram at @zenitjournals to keep posted on future talks! Get inspired!

Collective Care Fund

We invite anyone with financial barriers to Zenit's products or services to make a request for items. We invite anyone to contribute to our collective care "pie" to fund these requests. As funds become available, we issue gift cards to fulfill the requests. Make a request or contribute

Wellness Resources

Featuring organizations and individuals providing free or low-cost wellness resources. Explore wellness resources

Racial Healing Resources

Featuring racial justice organizations and organizations providing culturally responsive mental health support for people of color. Explore racial healing resources

Feature Coaches

Coaching and journaling go hand-in-hand. Coaching is a powerful resource to support our personal growth and wellness. This page features coaches who we work with to create customized journals for their coaching programs. Meet our featured coaches.

Our Blog by founder Alina Liao

Sharing her story to inspire wellness, love, and healing. Explore our blog

Zenit founder Alina Liao with custom self care journal