The Power of Journaling to Process Trauma

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After journaling about this idea in my custom wellness journal for some time, I'm excited, and proud, to share my launch of two new video journaling mini-retreats on our retreats site: Processing Trauma and Practicing Radical Self-Acceptance.

My plan has been to release one new video a month. This month of April, the wellness theme is self-acceptance, another powerful topic I have been journaling about in my custom wellness journal. In developing this video, I wanted to include information on trauma and how trauma impacts us, because understanding how your trauma is affecting you today, and having support to journal about your feelings and traumas in your custom wellness journal, can go a long way serving your journey in self-acceptance.

In this process, I decided to make a whole separate video retreat on understanding and processing trauma for your journaling in your custom wellness journal. So now, you can get unlimited access to both videos, at no additional cost, through our monthly membership. This is my gift to you for the month. And in your custom wellness journal, you can add prompts that support your journaling.

Trauma affects how we think, feel, and act. Trauma is deeply personal. When you're unaware of how your traumas, including traumas buried deep in your past, affect you today, you can notice things in yourself that might make you feel like there's something wrong with you. It can be demoralizing or frightening. 

When you understand the general impacts of trauma, it can be liberating - to know that what you're experiencing is a normal, human response to trauma. Then, journaling your feelings in your custom wellness journal, and what traumas your feelings might be connected to, helps you better understand yourself and where you're coming from. It makes it easier to view yourself with self-compassion, which is a huge part of self-acceptance.

Our prompts for customizing your custom wellness journal can help you acknowledge and unpack these difficult feelings. These prompts for your custom wellness journal include, "I feel stressed our down about... What do my heart and wisest self say about it?" and "What painful, or heavy, feeling do I need to acknowledge, with deep breaths?" A custom wellness journals with trauma-informed prompts designed for healing can support you in working through these heavy feelings and thoughts that can stem from your trauma.

Just like learning about your basic human biology helps you make better decisions about what you eat, learning about the basics of trauma and how trauma can affect you empowers you to decide what serves your mental well-being, and what doesn't. You get to own your healing. Your custom wellness journal is your personal tool to take ownership of your trauma story or trauma narrative, and progress in your healing.

I have spent a lot of time these past couple years journaling about my traumas in my custom wellness journal. My prompt in my custom wellness journal, "What am I feeling?" has been my springboard into journaling how I'm feeling today. And I often find myself unexpectedly going deeper, filling up the page in my custom wellness journal, journaling about where these feelings might be coming from, and what past experiences and traumas they may be tied to. Writing this out in my custom wellness journal has enabled me to breathe. To unload the weight from the traumas I still carry today. 

Watch my preview introductory lesson on our journaling mini-retreat on processing trauma here:

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