Vent... And Come Back to My Wisest Self

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Recently, I was feeling down, so I used my custom wellness journal to vent. To my self care journaling prompt, "What am I feeling? What's driving my feelings?" I wrote, "Everything has to be a goddamn fight. EVERYTHING." I listed a bunch of ways that came to mind, and wrote, "I'm tired of everything being a fight."

My last self care journaling prompt in my cycle of journal prompts is, "What's my wisest self saying?" I stared at that in my open custom wellness journal for a minute. It was tough. But this was my last page in my custom wellness journal and I wanted to end on a positive note in my self care journaling.

I dug deep. What came out in my self care journaling was, "Alina, follow the positive signs. You're right. It is a fucking fight. But you, you can handle it. That's your gift and your burden. Your path is filled with shit, but the positive signs are there. And as long as they're there, you owe it to them to follow them. You owe it to yourself." Whoooooosssahhhhhhhh. 

We all have frustrations. AND we all have our inner wisest self. Self care journaling is one way to tap into our wisest self. This isn't forcing positivity. It's finding a path forward that is true to our strengths through our self care journaling. That comes from a place of love. When we do this, we can keep the slow burn of hope going with our self care journaling.

You can give it a try - What's one area where you feel stuck or frustrated? What does your wisest self say about it? Take a deep breath. Let your pen flow, let your heart flow.

With love,
Alina Liao, founder of Zenit
Feel it, write it, Zenit

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