It would serve me to accept...

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In our Wellness Journaling Mini-Retreat this past Monday, we gathered to journal for hope. In our last round of self care journaling where we explored ways to continue moving forward, a common wellness journaling prompt folks chose was, "It would serve me to accept... Small steps I can take..."

It would serve me to accept...

This self care journaling prompt called me as well. Acceptance is a powerful thing. It's part of the healing process. Acceptance is also a process in itself.

Remember, acceptance is not resignation. Acceptance doesn't mean being OK with toxic or abusive behaviors or environments. Acceptance is not giving up.

We practice acceptance for our peace of mind.

Acceptance is both letting go and centering. It's letting go of the insistence that something be something it's not. It's letting go of the resentment that something isn't what we want it to be. Acceptance is then settling into the reality of what is.

With that process of acceptance, we open ourselves up to possibilities for moving forward - to possibilities of what may be given what is today. Acceptance is freeing and moves us from resentment to resolve.

To this prompt, I wrote in my custom wellness journal, "It would serve me to accept things don't always go as planned. And dreams don't always come true. It would serve me to accept I really do have a lot on my plate so it's OK I'm not getting to everything I want to do. It would serve me to accept, it's OK if it isn't perfect, the way I imagined. I love a good story but life isn't a movie."

What about you? What would it serve you to accept? 

Take a deep breath. Whatever comes to mind, write it out in your self care journaling as it comes to mind...

With love,

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