Zenit Journal Retreat Self Care Journaling for Joy

Journal for Joy

Joy is a huge part of healing and wellness. We don't have to wait until all our problems go away to make time for joy. Your joy matters. In this video journaling retreat, we go over how joy supports our wellness and how journaling supports joy. There are four journaling lessons with guided prompts on savoring joy, practicing gratitude, finding your tribe, and choosing joy. 

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This video wellness journaling retreat is about joy. It’s about taking time to savor joyful memories, build up our sense of joy, and explore how you can live a life for joy.

Joy is a huge part of healing and wellness. And, we don't have to wait until all our problems go away to take time for joy. Your joy matters. In wellness journaling retreat, we go over what joy is, why it matters for our wellness, and how wellness journaling can help us build up our joy.

This retreat has four self care journaling lessons with guided prompts:

  1. Savoring joy and joyful experiences
  2. Practicing gratitude and joy for the little things
  3. Reflecting on the people in your life who bring you joy
  4. Reflecting on how you can choose joy in your life

Through the wellness journaling lessons in this journaling retreat, we hope you can develop a practice of joy, where each day, you can instill joy in the little things and savor moments of joy as they happen.