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Custom Daily Wellness Planner

Stay organized, work towards your goals, while making space for your wellness and self-care daily. Our Custom Daily Wellness Planners cover three months and include daily, weekly, and monthly planner pages. You get to choose the prompts for your daily wellness planner, to achieve the balance you need between productivity and wellness. Customize your Daily Wellness Planner in the customization form below. See below for more product info.

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Custom Daily Wellness Planner

"I never really journaled before, but found that with med school I was starting to lose track of various assignments... So I bought two 3-month daily planners from Zenit. I have found them very very helpful in planning my packed daily life... I really like the additional space to take stock of my emotional state for each day... Zenit has helped me make positive changes to my daily routines and study habits." - Aalap

  • This wellness planner is ideal for folks who find writing out daily to-dos and schedules helpful for staying organized. It's also for folks who want to be intentional about making time for their health, self-care, healing, and wellness in their daily lives. 
  • If you feel overwhelmed by all your to-dos, consider this planner so that you can organize your tasks and incorporate wellness in your daily planning and self-care journaling.
  • Our Daily Wellness Planner includes daily, weekly, and monthly planning pages with space to take notes and journal. This Daily Wellness Planner covers three months.
  • Our Daily Wellness Planner has date holders as space for you to write in the dates. Our Daily Wellness Planner is un-dated so that you can start anytime of the year, and if you stop, you can re-start using your daily wellness planner anytime without stress. 
  • Each daily planner page includes an agenda timeline where you can write out your daily schedule, events, and deadlines. Each daily planner page in our daily wellness planner also includes space to plan and journal about the areas you care about.
  • The Daily Wellness Planner includes a end-of-week reflection page at the end of each week for you to look back on your week, journal about what you learned, celebrate your wins, and set intentions for your next week.
  • You can choose prompts for your daily wellness planner that are focused on mental health and wellness as well as working on your goals and learning about your strengths.
  • To customize your Daily Wellness Planner, go through the sections of the customization form above:
    • Cover: Choose the print fabric cover design for your daily wellness planner that speaks to you most.
    • Monthly Pages Prompts: Choose up to three prompts to add to your wellness planner's monthly planning pages ("My Goals," "My wins," "My Theme for the Month").
    • Weekly Pages Prompts: Choose up to two prompts to add to your weekly planning pages in your wellness planner, to help you be intentional and consistent in planning your week and including your wellness in your weekly planning.
    • Daily Pages Prompts: Choose up to three prompts to add to your daily planning pages in your wellness planner, to give you space in your wellness planner to process how you're feeling, reflect on your self-care and wellness needs, and live your full, authentic self in your day to day life.
    • Daily Agenda Start Time: Choose the time you want your daily agenda to start in your wellness planner's daily planning pages. Some of us are early morning birds and some of us are night owls, so with our daily wellness planners, you get to choose the time that's right for you to start your day.
    • Prompts for Celebrating Your Week: Each week in this daily wellness planner includes and end-of-week reflection page. Choose up to three prompts for reflecting on and celebrating your week to be included in your daily wellness planner.
    • Corner Goodies: Choose additional features for the corners of the pages of your custom daily wellness planner, including our Bookmark Star to easily mark entries you want to easily find and re-read, Mood Tracker for tracking your mood, and 100 different affirming quotes by diverse leaders.
    • Front Cover Page Mantra: Want to include your favorite quote, personal affirmation or mantra, name, or anything else on the title page of your custom daily wellness planner? Enter it here.
  • Our Daily Wellness Planners have 200 soothing cream-colored pages total. They covers three months with daily, weekly, and monthly planning pages. They have 42 blank lined pages at the end for open journaling, notetaking, or planning.
  • Our daily wellness planners are 8.5" x 5.25".
  • Our daily wellness planners include a ribbon bookmark and elastic pen holder, making it easy to jot down things as they come to mind.
  • Our daily wellness planners comes in a selection of vibrant, inspiring print fabric covers. Our print fabrics are Ankara and Batik cotton fabrics, which look dope and feel great to the touch. Choose the pattern for your daily wellness planner that you connect with most.

If you have questions or would like assistance in customizing your wellness planner, text or call us at (202) 930-3019 or email us at alina@zenitjournals.com.