Remembering WHY Self-Love

Posted by Alina Liao on

I've been struggling mentally this week. I actually had an incredible weekend - my wedding lol - full of love and joy. After a couple days of rest, I came back to work, and I thought I would be in a renewed state of ease and balance because I wouldn't have to think about the wedding planning anymore. But it's like my anxiety and depression leaped in to fill the void first.

This morning in writing an IG post for our new shop featuring the forms of self-love here, I found myself asking, why? Why do we practice self-love?

I used this opportunity to do some journaling in my self-care journal. I eventually got to - Because we deserve more than surviving, producing, grinding, and coping. We deserve healing, healthy living, and joy.

Last night, I let myself sink into my feelings, lay on the couch, and cry. I also got my butt up from the couch to exercise for 20 minutes after reminding myself that I always feel better after moving my body. This morning, I journaled my worries and self-doubt in my custom wellness journal. I then journaled the positive signs in my life that even though I'm struggling right now I'm on the right path - the path true to me.

Self-love takes many forms. It's allowing ourselves to lie still. It's also gently nudging ourselves to put one foot in front of the next.

What about you? Why is it important that you practice self-love?

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