I feel defeated, but I'm not defeated...

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Over the past week, when I'd ask myself how I feel in my custom wellness journal, I'd first say, "stressed" and "frustrated." 

In digging deeper in my mental health journaling, though, I realized what I was really feeling: "I feel defeated."

Oh no, I didn't like saying that. I have a lot of exciting things going on. A lot to be grateful for. I also identify as a strong, resourceful, capable person. "Defeated" is not a word I want to be associated with.

But it was the truth! So, I let it be. I allowed myself to journal in my custom wellness journal, "I feel defeated. I feel defeated!" Why? It was just too many days in a row of not getting things done on my to-do list I was feeling pressure to get done. Each day, that list grew longer and longer. It seemed there was always something getting in the way outside my control.

So yeah, I felt defeated. Journaling about this, and releasing these feelings and thoughts out of my mind, off my chest, shoulders, and back, into my journal, helped me get to this: "I feel defeated now, but I'm not defeated."

Channeling my heart and my inner wisest self with my mental health journaling prompts, I could say, "this is temporary." This helped me find balance - allowing myself to be honest with how I'm feeling, without spiral deeper. Even while feeling this way, I know I can keep moving, taking steps forward day by day. I can allow my feelings to be while still carrying on with love and kindness.

Is there a feeling, or something weighing on you, that you need to acknowledge? Try writing it out in a journal, expressing yourself naturally with your mental health journaling. Then, reflect on, what does your wisest self say? Let your feelings and love flow... 

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