Finding My New Center

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This week I fell off my rhythm. I took time off, which was great. Then starting back up again, I felt, "Ugh, I'm behind on everything." 

I used to live a hyper structured life, ruled by strict to-do lists. Over the past few years, as I've turned to my healing, I've learned through my self care journaling in my custom wellness journal let go of those hard lines. I've been committed to listening to and following my energy, starting my days off by actually journaling about how I'm feeling in my custom wellness journal. I've allowed myself to say "no." Through my self care journaling, I've allowed myself to let things go. 

Now, I'm coming back around. In my self care journaling, I've written multiple times about feeling a need for more structure again, with all the things I'm trying to do. But I don't want to be back in that state of always pushing. I don't want to lose myself in my to-do lists again.

So, I'm revisiting my wellness planner to identify which days I want to do what types of activities, based on my energy, like Monday is for planning, Tuesday is for being extroverted, Wednesday is for being creative, etc. Having more structure, but still allowing myself room to follow my energy day by day, hour by hour. Staying true to the lessons I've learned about following my energy in my self care journaling.

When I was a gymnast, if I kept falling to the right off the balance beam, my coach wouldn't say, "Stay on the beam!" She'd say, "Try falling to your left." It's a journey to find our rhythm and our balance between structure and flexibility that works for us. The past few years, I needed so much releasing and time for healing that I went to the left. I learned so much through my self care journaling. Now, I'm bringing it back to find my new center.

If you feel like you're still finding your right balance, rhythm, groove, be kind to yourself. Your definition of balance will change as you move through different periods of your life. Be willing to go through the messy calibration. Give yourself grace in the process.
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