Journal to Untap Your Power

Journal to Untap Your Power

This self care journaling mini-retreat is on untapping your power. This is our sense of agency, our ability to make choices and live the life we want to live, even with constraints, obstacles, and things we cannot control.

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Sometimes, we can get to a point in our lives where it feels like, "life is happening to me," rather than, "I'm living my life." Do you feel the difference between the two?

When it's like life is happening to me, and I can only respond, it can get tiring, like I'm always playing catch up. It can feel like, at the end of the day, I did all this stuff, but what was it for? Or like I spent the whole day running, but where was I going? 

This can cause us to feel disempowered, which can contribute to feelings of helplessness, feeling overwhelmed, lost, unhappy. That's why it's important for our well-being to remember that we have power, to recall where our power comes from, and to feel that power that we have in our own lives. Self care journaling is one way we can reframe in ways that help us feel empowered, identify what we can control and let go of what we cannot control, and makes changes to our lives that reinforce our sense of power.

In this self care journaling retreat, we'll go through guided self care journaling that cover five areas related to untapping our power:

  1. Connecting with your inner wisdom
  2. Building your sense of agency
  3. Owning your narrative
  4. Taking accountability
  5. Building self-trust

We can use our self care journaling to live an empowered life. Grab that pen and paper, and let's dive in...