starter balance journal for self care journaling. one closed journal with black cover with large green circle. One open journal with dot grid pages and four wellness prompts
starter balance journal for self care journaling
starter balance journal for self care journaling
starter balance journal for self care journaling
starter balance journal for self care journaling

Starter Balance Journal

Our Balance Journal is a welcoming space to process challenges and regain your balance with intentionality, love, and ease. Each right-hand page has the 4 prompts:

"I was challenged when..." "What do I feel about it?"

"What can I learn from it?" "What can I let go of?"

Our Balance Journal also comes with a mood tracker. This Starter Balance Journal is 8.5"x 5", 64 pages, softcover, with a fabric print cover of your choosing.

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Starter Balance Journal

  • This Balance Journal is 5" x 8.5" and has 64 soothing cream-colored, lined pages. This Balance Journal is softcover with and a premium look and feel.
  • This size Balance Journal is great if you're newer to self care journaling, or have tried and had trouble with it before, but are wanting to give it another go. You have the full-size journal page to allow yourself to go deep in your self care journaling, and it's only 64 pages so it may feel more doable than our full-size wellness journals.
  • Our wellness journals come in a selection of vibrant, inspiring print fabric covers. Our print fabrics are Ankara and Batik cotton fabrics, which look dope and feel great to the touch. Choose the pattern for your wellness journal that you connect with most. 
  • The right-hand page of this wellness journal has self care journaling prompts that guide you through a process for working through challenging situations and finding your balance:
    • "I was challenged when..."
    • "What can I learn from it?"
    • "What can I let go of?"
    • "I can be grateful for...
  • The left-hand page of this wellness journal is blank for your open self care journaling, drawing, or brainstorming, or for overflow from your self care journaling to the prompts.
  • Includes a daily mood tracker in the top left corner for tracking your mood and learning more about yourself and what factors affect your mood and well-being. 
  • Our Balance Journal is ideal for having a safe space to vent and process tough experiences, conflicts, and challenges.
  • If your anxiety, worry, or stress, leads you to get stuck thinking about situations in circles, this wellness journal can support you in getting un-stuck and finding paths forward in tough situations, from relationships, to work, to personal challenges, and supporting your mental health and well-being as you navigate these experiences.