Journal for Radical Self-Acceptance

Journal for Radical Self-Acceptance

Self-acceptance is key to our healing and wellness. But it can be hard to "just be yourself." Self-acceptance is a radical act of self-love. In this wellness journaling retreat, you'll go through guided journaling lessons to uncover your internal barriers to self-acceptance, release your barriers, and view yourself with love and acceptance.

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Have you ever been told, "Just be yourself?" I have, but the fact is, it's so hard to be ourselves in this oppressive world. It's so common to go through experiences that tell us we're not allowed to be ourselves, or who we are is wrong.

So self-acceptance is a radical act of self-love, and it takes work to practice self-acceptance. Like with strengthening our muscles, the more we practice self-acceptance, the more naturally it comes, even in the face of voices telling us who we are is wrong or isn't good enough.

In this video wellness journaling retreat, you'll go through guided wellness journaling lessons to help you first uncover your personal internal barriers to self-acceptance. After uncovering your barriers to self-acceptance, the guided journaling lessons are designed for you to come back to your true, authentic, natural self, release your barriers, and practice self-acceptance.

This retreat's wellness journaling lessons are:

  1. Uncovering barriers to our sense of innate self-worth
  2. Dissecting your self-judgment
  3. Working through barriers to accepting our needs
  4. Exploring your "should-ing"
  5. Getting to know your natural self
  6. Shifting from self-judgment to self-compassion
  7. Releasing our internalized "shoulds" and embracing who you are

I do not guarantee that at the end of this retreat, you'll forever be free of barriers to self-acceptance, because we're still going to be confronted with attacks to our self-worth and self-acceptance. My intent with this wellness journaling retreat is to walk you through a process of identifying and releasing some of you personal barriers to self-acceptance, and to equip you with a wellness journaling process that you can use moving forward to continue to practice radical self-acceptance.