Flow: A Healing Movement Retreat

flow a healing movement retreat with lavender

Flow: A Healing Movement Day Retreat for Women & Femmes

Saturday, April 22, 2023

10:30 AM - 7:30 PM EST
Kharis Lavender Fields
20910 Merle Dr, Gaithersburg, MD 20882, USA


Join hosts Tia Marie Brumsted of centered self and Alina Liao of Zenit Journals for an intimate full-day wellness retreat at the beautiful and serene Kharis Lavender Fields and Barn. This retreat will provide space for women and femmes to slow down and reconnect with self through mind-body experiences. Participants will leave feeling restored and with strategies and resources to support their mental and physical wellness in their daily lives.

Retreat Activities

Lavender Tea Welcome

Decorate Your Own Wellness Journal

Breathwork and Intention Setting 

Healing Movement with Capoeira 

Meditation and Sound Healing Session

Find Your Flow through Journaling Session 

Aromatherapy Session

Shopping at the on-site Lavender Boutique (day of discount included!)

Participants should bring: 

  • yoga mat, blanket, or folding chair 
  • water bottle (refillable hydration stations available) 
  • hat and sunscreen (we'll be in a partially shaded area when outdoors) 
  • anything else that helps you relax and get centered 

Hosts and venue will provide: 

  • journal 
  • workshop materials
  • pillows and blankets for sound bath meditation
  • beverages, lunch, dinner, and snacks throughout the day 
  • bathrooms and private lactation space
  • refrigerator available for medication, breastmilk, etc. 

Come as you are and participate as you are able! Those with neurological conditions should consult with their physician prior to participating in the sound immersion session. Registration is non-refundable. Please email hello@mycenteredself.com with any questions. 


 Check out moments from our first Flow Retreat Oct 2, 2022: 


photo credit Tori Sampson

photo credit Tori Sampson
photo credit Tori Sampson

photo credit Tori Sampson