Unlearning Harm, Remembering Love

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This Zenit Custom Wellness Journal includes the quote:

“There is nothing wrong with me. I have patterns to unlearn, new behaviors to embody & wounds to heal. But there is nothing wrong with the core of me & who I am. I am unlearning generations of harm and remembering love. It takes time.” - Yolo Akili Robinson, activist and writer who advocates for the mental and emotional well being of the Black community.

While this quote will relate to each of us differently, there is a universal truth in it. We are all products of our past. From the time we were born, we were shown values and belief systems that we internalize. Some beliefs are damaging - such as the belief that we are worth less because of the color of our skin. Some beliefs serve us for a while, but we get to a point where they no longer serve us. Either way, we must do the work to unlearn such harmful beliefs. In doing so, we must replace them with new beliefs that serve us - that center on love. 

For me, a couple beliefs I'm working on unlearning is belief that asking for help makes me a burden to others, and the belief that my self-worth comes from my productivity. These beliefs led me to be an independent, high-achieving person, but they've also gotten in the way of my healing. So I'm using my Zenit Custom Wellness Journal to unlearn these beliefs. I'm building my sense of innate self-worth. I'm giving myself permission to invite loved ones into my healing journey. 

What's a belief that no longer serves you? What's a new belief that will bring you back to love? We have a few journal prompts you can choose from that can help you identify beliefs that serve vs no longer serve you. As you go about this journey, be kind to yourself. Remember progress is not a straight line. Take your time.

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