A Time to Shed...

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Last week, I was sick. 

One day, it rained. I was sitting on my couch staring outside, feeling like crap. But probably because I was sick, I was still. Then, the sound, smell, and sight of the autumn rain washed over me. I listened to the rain. I watched bright yellow leaves scatter the ground. The earth entered me.

Later that week, I journaled in my custom wellness journal:

"The rain calls me. The rain invites me to release. Release, release, release. Release the weight of my yucky week. Release hyperactivity. Release panic. Clouds build, and it rains... The yellow leaves invite me to allow the change to take its course. To allow the change in me..."

It's fall. A time to shed. Shed what's weighing on us. Shed what no longer serves us. We are not just connected to nature - we ARE nature, still. As the season and leaves change, so too, can we...

We can use guided journaling in our custom wellness journals to reflect on the changes that may serve us. Is it a habit, lifestyle, belief, mindset, grudge, relationship, or fear we need to shed?

It might not come to you right away in your self-care journaling, and that's ok. Journaling in our custom wellness journals isn't homework. It's not about getting the answer right as soon as we put pen to paper. It's a process of exploring through our self-care journaling - exploring the depths of our needs, desires, feelings, memories, wants. As we continue to journal, we delve deeper. We gain insights into changes we need as we do our self-care journaling. We come up with ways to try to make those changes, with love and ease. 

Change, even for the better, is hard and scary. So go at your own pace. Ground yourself in self-care routines and comfort things that give you ease. Lean on people in your corner.

For releasing, you can customize your Zenit Journal with these prompts from our menu of prompts for Custom Wellness Journals:

"I feel pressure that I *should*..., but in my heart I truly care about..."

"What can I let go of that's out of my control? What can I focus my energy on instead?"

"What beliefs of mine are serving me now? What beliefs are no longer serving me?"

"What matters to me most right now?"

"What serves me today?"

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