Zen Texts for One Month

Zen Texts for One Month

Each week over one month, you get a self care journaling prompt and affirmation in a calming audio file sent directly to you over text message. Once you make your purchase, you'll get an email with a short form to select the day or days of the week you want to get your Zen Text.

Texts are sent between 6am-7am EST. Standard text messaging rates apply. See below for more info and sample texts. If you have questions, email us at alina@zenitjournals.com.


Our Zen TextsTM are great for folks looking to keep a consistent self care journaling routine week to week. How does it work?

  • When you sign up, you select the day or days of the week you want to get your Zen TextTM. Say you want to do your self care journaling on Mondays and Fridays. You would simply select Mondays and Fridays in the sign up form, and enter your cell phone number.
  • That's it! Then, on every Monday and Friday morning, you'll get a single SMS text message that has a different journal prompt and affirmation. 
  • The text message has a written journal prompt and affirmation as well as an audio clip, so you can press play and listen to the journal prompt and affirmation. 

The journal prompts and affirmations are all centered on wellness, self-care, self-love, self-empowerment, and healing. Sample Zen Texts:

Welcome to your Zen Text. Today, let's get outside of our heads... Your prompt is, "When I look around me, I see magic in..." You could simply look around, or you could step outside and look around for a bit. You don't have to be in the most majestic place to see magic in the world. Finding awe in simple things can help ground us. Your affirmation is, "My eyes are open to the beauty around me." Sending love

Welcome to your Zen Text. For today, your prompt is, "I took a step forward when..." No matter how big or little the step, as you write, let your whole being fill with gratitude, pride, or joy for your step. Not only does every step matter, but think of ALL the things that happened to lead up to that one step. Your affirmation is, "I deserve to celebrate myself." Sending love.

When you open your Zen TextTM, you can read or listen to the journal prompt or affirmation for the day. Then, use that as your prompt or spark of inspiration for your self care journaling. 

These prompts are not homework questions to answer - if you end up writing in a different direction, that's totally OK. We want to let our minds and hearts go where the need to go and where they want to go in our self care journaling.

You do NOT need a physical Zenit Journal to get Zen TextsTM. You can use any journal, notebook, piece of paper, etc. Write in a way that's natural to you.

Sending love as you embark or continue on your wellness journey!